Market Research and Consulting;

Empower provides a wide range of market research and consulting services in a variety of countries and settings. Research drives innovation in health care and Empower is at the helm with a highly experienced core group of researchers. Our internationally-recognized faculty lead the research processes in areas of expertise such as procurement and supply chain management, quality assurance, pharmocovigilance and capacity building.

Empower has a network of more than 200 consultants which forms the backbone of our consulting services. These selectively chosen experts come from a wide-variety of backgrounds, skills and experiences. This helps to ensure that we provide evidence-based, innovative technical assistance to our clients.

Empower has provided consulting services to many international organizations, including but not limited to donor agencies (e.g., DfID), UN agencies (e.g., UNAIDS) and NGOs (e.g., Concept Foundation).

For more information about our market research and consulting services, please refer to our projects.

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