Technical Assistance & Ongoing Support

Capacity-building activities are incomplete without continuous technical assistance and support. The last step of Empower’s Capacity Building framework includes providing continuous technical assistance and support to our clients.

Ongoing support is provided on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the requirement of each client. Empower has also created a platform for crowd sourced technical assistance where our training alumni provide support to each other through a discussion group. The group has a network of more than 250 PSCM professionals (which is constantly increasing) all across the globe. Through the group, members have an access to all Empower faculty and experts working in various PSCM capacities. The group is moderated by Empower. All the members of the group also have access to Empower through emails, Skype and telephone.

Empower also has Long Term Agreements (LTA) with various organizations for continuous capacity-building and on-going support. LTAs often include the following comprehensive services:

  • Initial baseline assessments,
  • Gap analyses;
  • Formulation of recommendations;
  • Assistance with implementation of recommendations through systems strengthening and staff training; and
  • Ongoing technical assistance and support. 

For more information about Technical Assistance and Ongoing Support, please refer to our projects.

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