Technical Areas

Supporting Procurement and Supply Chain in Public Health programs

Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) refers to all activities required to ensure the continuous and reliable availability……read more

Assuring Product Quality

The purpose of quality assurance in public drug supply systems is to make certain that each drug reaching a patient is safe……read more

Promoting Regulation of Medicines

There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry needs to be regulated according to agreed upon standards, policies and protocols availability……read more

Catalyzing Trade and Local Production

Local production of pharmaceuticals, health technologies and vaccines has been a subject of intense discussion……read more

Shaping Global Market

Market transformations lead to long-term development that better serve populations of developing countries……read more

Ensuring Patient Safety (Pharmacovigilance)

To ensure patient care and safety, detection, prevention, assessment and reporting of adverse medication effects plays an important role……read more

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement of Quality Assured Medicines

Quality standards of medicines are a critical factor during procurement……read more

Containing Anti-microbial Resistance

Anti-microbial resistance is a global public health issue that continues to plague current treatments to infections caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi……read more

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