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Ensuring Patient Safety (Pharmacovigilance)

Detection, prevention, assessment and reporting of adverse medication effects are activities necessary to ensure patient care and safety. This process is the science of phamacovigilance.  Through pharmacovigilance, methods such as active surveillance, clinical trials, and developing medication risk-benefit profiles are used to ensure patient health and safety.

Information from patients and healthcare providers via pharmacovigilance agreements (PVAs), and from other sources such as the medical literature is critical for pharmacovigilance to take place. In fact, drug regulatory authorities in most countries require license holder (usually a pharmaceutical company) to submit adverse event data.

Empower uses the following framework as a tool to determine how to approach pharmacovigilance to improve overall public health outcomes, tailoring this tool based upon the competency or status of each country (rudimentary, emerging or advanced).

For more details, please see our projects in Pharmacovigilance.

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