About Us

Empower School of Health has expertise in the following core areas:
- Access to medicines
- Procurement and supply chain management
- Training and capacity-building
- Quality assurance
- Regulatory support 
- Pricing of health commodities such as drugs, diagnostic and medical devices

Empower has helped organization in over 40 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe to conduct assessments of procurement and supply chain management systems. 

Empower has helped organizations to strengthen institutional capacity of global health programs related to quality and PSCM. We also have trained senior officials and organizations from 20 countries in procurement and supply chain management, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs of health commodities.

Empower’s clients include UN agencies, international NGOs (e.g. Save the Children) and various Ministries of Health. Empower focuses it’s research activities to help developing countries in Africa, South East Asia (& Pacific) and Latin America in the following areas:
1. increase the trade of quality assured health commodities;
2. promote technology transfer; and 
3. improve regulation of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic and medical devices.

UNAIDS and DfID have been key funding partners with Empower in these research efforts. Empower’s team includes medical doctors, pharmacists, supply chain experts, and public health professionals.

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