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Empower School of Health is a global health capacity building institute, which focuses on building capacity of Ministries of Health and partners, in the areas of access to medicines, procurement and supply chain, regulatory sciences & quality assurance, as well as public health program management. Empower works across disease areas, with specific experience in HIV, TB, Malaria and NTDs .

Empower works in the following technical areas:

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Access to Medicines and Health Technologies: Empower has worked with WHO, Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) and regulatory agencies in promoting access and uptake of new medicines in Asia and Africa. Empower has also conducted capacity building workshops on Universal Health Coverage and Access to Medicines, along with WHO, Global Fund, UNITAID and various other organizations.


Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSM): This is Empower’s core area of expertise. Empower has worked with UN agencies (UNDP, UNAIDS, UNRWA, UNFPA, WHO, among others), donor organizations (GFATM, USAID, UKAid, DFAT), International NGOs (Save the Children, CARE, PSI, etc.) and a large number of Ministries of Health in Asia, Africa and the Pacific through various projects, such as capacity building, systems strengthening, technical assistance, assessments, and audits. Empower has worked on PSM issues, not only for pharmaceuticals, but also vaccines, diagnostics, equipment and medical supplies. Empower has worked across disease areas – HIV, TB, Malaria, NTDs, etc.


Regulatory Sciences and Quality Assurance: Empower team has been working in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and quality assurance, providing support and technical assistance to organizations working in this area. Empower has successfully organized multi-country regional partnerships of regulatory agencies, from 13 Asia Pacific countries, for exploring joint reviews, and other effective regulatory strategies involving South-South collaboration. Empower has partnered with MCAZ (Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe), a Center of Excellence in regulatory. Empower partnership with MCAZ offers regulatory and quality excellence across Africa. Empower has completed projects with UK Aid and UNAIDS, focusing on quality assured medicines, and promoting local production. Empower has been working with WHO and regulatory agencies to explore provision of waivers and fast-tracking registration processes for innovative priority medicines. Empower has also assisted in developing strategies for risk management and pharmacovigilance.



Public Health Program Management: Empower has completed a number of technical projects with public health programs. Empower is working with the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) in several areas, including a Taskforce on TB, jointly represented by IFRC, IRCS, Empower and others. As a part of the taskforce, Empower is working to scale the current TB program into multiple sites across various states of India. Empower also provides technical assistance and conducts training programs on Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of global health programs. Empower works with ministries of health and UN organizations to map disease burden and implement public health programmes. Additionally, Professor Paul Lalvani has advised Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance Secretariat (APLMA) and was the co-chair of the PSM working group at Roll Back Malaria Partnership.


Learning and Development

Within the technical areas mentioned, Empower has experience in developing and scaling digital learning solutions, classroom training and training of trainers, large scale needs assessment, on the job technical assistance, knowledge management – amongst other modalities of capacity building. Empower also has the specific experience of working with UNDP on providing scalable learning and development.

Till date, Empower has developed courses and conducted training in English, Spanish, Russian and French, with a student and alumni base spread across 100 countries in Africa, Asia (including CIS countries) and the Pacific.


Empower has worked for various donor agencies and Ministries of Health across the globe to support their capacity building initiatives. A summary of Empower’s work portfolio is given below:


Countries: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Fiji, Vietnam, Timor, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Burundi, Lesotho, Liberia, DRC, Malawi, Ghana, Sudan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and many more


Organizations: UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNOPS, WHO, UNAIDS, UNRWA, USAID, Ministries of Health, EGPAF, CHAI, Chemonics, Care International, Save the Children, Red Cross, USP and many others


Participant’s profile: Procurement Officers, Regulatory Officers, Supply Chain Specialists, Forecasting and Capacity Building Officers, Senior Pharmacy Technicians, QA Specialists, National Disease Surveillance Officers, Chief TB/HIV officers, Monitoring and Evaluation professionals, Senior Management Professionals from various public health organizations and many more.


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