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Building Resilient and Scalable Human Resource Capacity by Harnessing Digital Learning & Knowledge Solutions


"Human resources are a key performance driver within Public Health supply chains. The effective management of a supply chain demands excellence in managing its human resources, an area particularly overlooked in resource poor environments."

Andrew Brown, PhD, et al

‘Human resources health supply chains and access to essential medicines’

Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice, 2014

Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal number three on 'Good Health and Well Being', and it’s related targets, will require universal access to affordable essential medicines. Unfortunately, this is not so easy and research shows that more than one-third of the population does not have regular access to essential medicines

4-Part Country-Owned and Customized ‘BIG LEARNING’ Solution

Knowledge Centre: a repository of country specific knowledge in the national language (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic) or regional languages that provides long-term institutional memory (like a ‘wiki-health for the country and program)

Learning and Development Platform: helps to measure growth in HR capacity, provides courses, topics, websites, podcasts and videos on specific topics; courses are both global and national and most of them will be free of cost

Technical Assistance Platform: to deliver continuous on-the-job technical assistance on an as-needed basis

Peer-to-Peer Ecosystem: The ecosystem allows for peer-to-peer learning and professional engagement. The platform also allows managers to identify health professionals based on their geography, competency area, strength or weakness and accordingly to inform, educate and mobilize them as per the needs of the health system

Big Learning Platform



Big Learning Platform : Find the Right Course


Big Learning Platform : On-The-Job Technical Assistance

4-Part Integrated Learning and Development Solution

Our Approach - Solution Design and Deployment Methodology



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