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Rapid Emergency Training Solution



Background and Challenges:


Currently, the world faces an unprecedented health challenge caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is destroying lives and livelihoods. Its spread across the globe is all the more serious since COVID-19 is highly infectious, som etimes deadly, and with no scientifically proven treatment or vaccine.


This is severely straining health systems worldwide, including in countries with well established health systems, such as in Europe and the US. Hospitals are overburdened and health staff are exhausted and at high risk, as many of them are not fully informed, not well equipped and not properly trained to respond to the challenge. As a result many health workers have been affected and some have died.


Health System Challenges:


The classical approach of training of staff as a largely didactic, classroom-based exercise is entirely ineffective in such a situation as it is a) slow b) not scalable outside the center and region c) expensive (and often not budgeted), and d) it does not allow for easy measurement of impact.


Given these continuous and growing threats, it is vital for Ministries of Health to introduce a rapid, sustainable and scalable system for institutional knowledge sharing. Such a system should be able to provide learning that can rapidly inform, train and protect health workers. The system should allow for customization and localization to ensure effective learning by any type of health worker (doctors, nurses, community health workers, laboratory technicians, pharmacists), in any languge, and for any type of content.



Solution – to Deploy a Rapid Emergency Training Solution (RETS):


Empower’s digital (and blended) products and services include a) Learning Platforms b) Impact Measurement Tools c) E-Learning Courses.

RETS helps public health programs respond to emergencies, new policies, reforms, demographic changes and emerging disease patterns. The platform can be configured within 15-30 days, and scaled within 30-60 days by working closely with the support of the government. It can be applied for emergency needs or for regular ongoing training of health workforce.


RETS’ approach combines real-time digital access to technical assistance via experts, and peer-to-peer collaboration and discussion. Users can access updated information, or request for information that can be provided by other peers, irrespective of geographical barriers. The other key feature of RETP is its ability to provide real-time measurement in improvement of knowledge, skills and attitude of the health workforce.




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Rapid Emergency Training Solution

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