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Digital Learning in Tuberculosis



Tuberculosis information is dynamic-new policies, new treatment regimens, new products, and new stakeholders are entering the health system at a rapid pace. RNTCP is exploring new strategies for scaling the training, and to do it cost-effectively, at scale, and to show impact. E-learning is a sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective tool in comparison to classroom-based training.


All of this requires a sharing of up-to-date knowledge on new policies, new products, and processes—which must be customized and adapted, for example in local language, or in short bytes of micro-learning, in graphical and video format, supplemented by technical information as required. UNION and Empower teamed up with the Government of India’s Central TB Division, to design and develop over 3,000.


TB related SOPs into digital, engaging, micro-learning content. The goal of the UNION-Empower collaboration – jointly, to bring a deep understanding of the global TB epidemic and profound insight into scalable and customized distribution of knowledge and learning. This was financially supported by the USAID Challenge TB fund and also included collaboration with WHO and FIND Diagnostics.


The next phase would be to expand the learning materials including but not limited to topics like PMDT, Laboratories, and Patient Support Systems and translate them into 18 local languages, to design new platforms and identify new channels to reach public and private sector health professionals, health workers and most importantly, the patients themselves. With this approach and past experience, UNION and Empower are revolutionizing the way people learn, work and save lives. And we can scale this revolution to support the end of TB in India and in the region.



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