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27 Apr

EMPOWER becomes a member of People that Deliver (PtD) Board

Empower is proud to announce it's nomination as a member of the coveted People that Deliver (PtD) Board for a period of two years.
We look forward to work with PtD to achieve PtD's strategic goals:
1. ACHIEVE global recognition that supply chains require a competent and supported supply chain workforce
2. PROMOTE stewardship and leadership at the national level to understand the technical and managerial capacity needs for human resources in supply chain planning, strategy, design, and management
3. ADVOCATE for a common pool of human resources that are appropriately trained with supply chain competencies and qualifications to support supply chain activities across governments, health facilities, and private sector
4. CATALYZE and DISSEMINATE evidence-based approaches for human resources for supply chain management that are informed by best practices and responsive to an evolving environment

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