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24 Jun

Highlights of the 9th International Workshop on Global Health Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Empower successfully completed the 9th International Workshop on Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management, scheduled in Bangkok, Thailand from 18th to 22nd June 2018. The goal of the workshop was to provide professionals with a platform to build continuously learning organizations, and to provide them with a strategic approach and understanding of PSM, regulatory affairs and quality assurance.

The unique strength of the workshop was access to the rich experience of faculty from various organizations. Prof Paul Lalvani and Prof Andy Barraclough inaugurated the workshop by introducing the organization as well as the aim of the workshop and thereafter, conducted sessions on the Procurement and Supply Chain and Access to Medicines. Mr. Martin Ellis conducted a session wherein he briefed the participants on "Utilizing Maturity Frameworks in Developing Countries to Improve Health Commodity Supply Chains".

The workshop also focused on capacity development of individuals based on Self-Assessment Methodology. . Dr. Andrew N Brown, as an honorary presenter, briefed the professionals about the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) Program Health Systems Strengthening approach to Capacity Development followed by a session on Empower's Competency Assessment Tool conducted by Prof. Andy Barraclough promoting the need for continued learning.

A field visit to organizations like UNDP, UNAIDS and WHO was also organized wherein Mr. Leslie Ong and Ms. Mashida Rashid from UNDP emphasized on Promoting Access to Health Technologies, Dr. Salil Panakadan and Mr. Aries Valeriano from UNAIDS conducted a session on Regional Overview of HIV Epidemic and Response, and Dr. Renu Garg from WHO briefed the professionals on the Importance of Access to Medicines and how can it be achieved.

Ms. Hooi Poay Tan from Thermo Fisher Scientific was also invited to demonstrate the use and benefits of the TruScan RM analyzer. The analyzer's non-destructive point-and-shoot sampling principle facilitates rapid verification of a broad range of chemical compounds. Some of the applications in QA/QC include enhanced raw material ID for similar compounds, multiple component ID, and identification and quantification of finished products.

Participants' profiles: 20 participants from 15 organizations representing 12 countries attended the workshop
Trainers: Faculty with over 30 years of experience working in Public Health, Procurement and Supply Chain and Access to Medicines, conducted the sessions and moderated the group work
Prof Paul Lalvani (Director, Empower Group)
Prof Andy Barraclough (Director - Training and Capacity Building)
Dr. Andrew N Brown (Workforce Development Specialist, USAID GHSC-PSM)
Dr. Salil Panakadan (Regional Program Advisor, UNAIDS)
Mr. Aries Valeriano (Youth Officer, UNAIDS)
Ms. Mashida Rashid (Public Health Specialist, UNDP)
Mr. Leslie Ong (Programme Analyst, UNDP)
Dr. Renu Garg (Medical Officer, WHO)
Mr. Martin Ellis (Former Head of Supply Chain, The Global Fund)
Ms. Hooi Poay Tan, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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