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Hospital Management & Related Services


Empower’s Offerings in Hospital Sector


Empower team has years of professional experience in the health and related fields and have been involved in multiple consultancies in various countries. Our team has expertise in Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Quality Assessment, Systematic Assessments and Reviews, Routine Health Information Systems, Health System Strengthening (HMIS, HRH, and Service Quality), Capacity Building, Gender Integration, Quality Assurance and Improvement and Public Health Education.Team members have rich experience of aiding the delivering the quality health services and better hospital management to the community.

Empower also has a strong base of consultants and experts for carrying out hospital related consultancy projects.Some of the areas of expertise in the space of hospital management and quality assurance are:

Training Needs


Process Improvement

Implementing 5S

Requirement gathering for HIS

Designing, Development and Implementation of HIS

Process Evaluation


Functional Analysis

Process Improvement


Training Needs Assessment

Empower team has strong experience of conducting various training needs assessment exercises for different sates like Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Gujarat. Team has conducted various situational analysis and systematic assessments for health facilities and human resource.


Hospital Information System and HRMIS

Team members have experience of working with HMIS, HIS, HRMIS and DHIS systems across different countries. We have team members with experience from all phases of requirement gathering, designing, developing and implementing different information systems in public and private sector hospitals. Team members have also conducted assessment of Routine Health Information Systems using PRISM tools in the state of Uttarakhand.



We have a pool of resource persons and team members with expertise in implementing 5S, accreditation, process improvement and process evaluation. Our experts are certified National NABH Assessor by Quality Council of India, Green Belt in Six Sigma and certified 5S practitioners.


Technical Assistance

Empower team has provided technical assistance to various UN organizations, International NGOS, Development Organizations and Ministries of Health across globe. The technical assistance varies in expertise of procurement and supply chain, public health, digital health and assessments across systems.


Learning and Development

Empower offers a wide range of trainings for professionals working in hospital sector. These training range from target cadre of leaders in hospitals to the support staff. Following is the range of various training offered by Empower:



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