Ambassadors and Technical Experts

Florence Chingwena


The Head of Pharmaceutical Services in the Harare City Health Department. She is a Public Health official, Health Procurement Specialist, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Specialist, Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response Pharmacist, with over 20 years experience at senior management position in both the public and private health sector. She has worked with the Donor Community in several Health Programmes and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management activities for over 10 years. She is resulted oriented, focusing on honey and not collection of nectar.

She holds an Executive Masters in Business Management from Midlands State University in Zimbabwe, a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Procurement and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management from Empower School of Health and a Bachelor of Pharmacy Honors Degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

Samson C Emelike


Self-motivated and progress-driven Senior Technical Officer with an extensive background in Procurement and Supply Chain management industry, with a long-standing record of initiative and innovation. I have developed and executed strategies which I believe will bring value to any organization. Throughout the course of my career, I have honed my collaborative, leadership and Supply chain expertise in coordinating PSM activities at both national, state and LGA levels with track records. I am an astute problem solver capable of prioritizing and managing complex projects with proficiency. My work experience involved projects funded by USAID, Global Fund, DFID and locally funded programs.

Wango Gwe Francis


Diligent PSCM professional with over 8 years of experience in PSCM, particularly in resource-limited settings. Proficient communication, negotiating and multi-disciplinary interactive skills developed through years of (inter)national correspondence and interaction with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, transit companies and customs. Facilitator, mentor, lecturer and examiner with experience in curriculum design for lower/middle cadre pharmacy personnel in production, health centre and hospital settings. Experience in designing short-term communication & pharmacy courses for nursing/pharmacy students. Focused and results oriented. Value for family and empathy for the underprivileged. Willing to learn at every turn & open to share knowledge unreservedly.

Morton Khunga


Procurement Supply Chain Management Specialist, National TB/Leprosy Program, Ministry of
Health – Zambia. Holds Masters of Supply Chain Management from the University of Bolton as well as Bachelors of Pharmacy and an MPH from University of Zambia. He has 10 years of experience in TB and HIV program planning, management, implementation and review. Has worked with WHO/AFRO as a PSM consultant focusing on commodities for Hepatitis, HIV, CHBC, STI and TB programs.

Abdirisak Artan


Motivated public health professional with over 6 years of experience in the field, currently works as health information system and disease surveillance at the Ministry of Health, Puntland, Somalia. Mr Abdirisak got his Master degree at Lincoln University of Malaysia on Public health in Nursing. He shares parts of his time to deliver public lectures, training in academia to develop the capacity of medical and health science students; he has published two academic papers in his field. 

Evans Mwemezi


Public Health Supply Chain Specialist with more than thirteen years of experience in the field. Apart from being a health professional; he is also Linguist capable of speaking four International Languages fluently. These are Kiswahili, English, French and German. He was trained as Pharmacist at the University of Dar es Salaam, He’s also a scholar in International Cooperation and Development. He has accomplished number of assignments in Pharmaceutical Supply chain, medicines registration, Program reviews and Program Manuals development. 

Ivan Segawa


A self-driven pharmacy professional committed to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases since 2012. A wide range of research experience in HIV, tuberculosis, and global health supply chain management. Graduated for Makerere University College of Health Sciences in 2015. Is passionate about global health and logistics management especially targeted for infectious diseases.

Issaka Sonde

WHO Consultant for the Supply of Pharmaceutical Products

Former Executive Director of the African Association of Essential Drug Purchasing Centres (ACAME), a network of 22 African countries. He is a man of the field who has worked as a pharmacist in the strengthening of drug procurement at the peripheral and central levels, the management of the supply chain of health products, logistics aspects and the management of hospital pharmacies. He has extensive experience in working with institutions and NGOs, National Directorates of Pharmacies and Medicines, as well as in strengthening health services and human resources.

Ritu Halder

Senior Consultant- Nepal

A marketing communication and policy advocacy expert to private organizations, trade associations, not-for-profit organizations and foreign governments, with more than two decades of experience in global marketing and sales, strategic communication, learning and development, talent management and business planning. Some of the organizations she has worked with are Hill & Knowlton Strategies, Convergys India Services, the UN Women’s Guild, Vienna, international consortiums and several others.


Mr. Ayyaz Gul Kiani


A public health pharmacist with more than 30 years' experience of pharmaceutical sector management at senior level. His professional areas of expertise consist of pharmaceutical and public health policy and practice, supply chain management, and managing large sized, complex, cross cultural project teams. He has worked with international agencies like WHO, DfID, UNDP, CWS, USAID and Universities of Amsterdam, Liverpool, Punjab and Baluchistan. He represented Pakistan in the 58th World Health Assembly of the WHO in UN Headquarters at Geneva in 1998 and served as amicus curie to the Chief Justice of Pakistan in a landmark case concerning pharmaceutical product quality and services.

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