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Digital Health Course for Community Health Workers

Welcome to the certificate course on Digital health by Empower School of Health. This comprehensive course is designed to equip community health workers with the essential knowledge and skills required to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of digital health. Through four engaging modules, participants will delve into the basics of digital health, explore the impact of digital transformation in healthcare, discover innovative approaches to personalized care, learn about the latest technological advancements, and consider the ethical implications of digital health practices. Overall, these modules aim to empower CHWs with the knowledge required to understand the significance of digital health and its applications, which can lead to improved health worker performance, along with better quality of care, and enhanced capacity to manage health services in their communities.

Course Duration
3 Months
20-25 Hours/week

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In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, digital health is revolutionizing how we deliver and manage care. The Certificate Course on Digital Health by Empower School of Health is tailored for community health workers, providing the essential knowledge and skills to excel in this ever evolving and dynamic field. The learners will grasp the fundamentals of digital health, understand the transformative impact of digital technologies on healthcare, explore innovative approaches to personalized care, and navigate the ethical considerations of digital health practices. On completing this course, you will be empowered to enhance your performance, deliver higher quality care, and effectively manage health services within your community. Embrace the future of healthcare and make a lasting impact with our Digital Health course.

  • Enhanced Skills: Acquire practical skills to effectively utilize digital health tools and technologies.
  • Improved Community Health and Service Delivery: Learn how digital health can streamline service delivery, lead to better health outcomes and community wellness.
  • Global Perspectives: Understand digital health implementations worldwide and apply best practices locally.
  • Ethical Awareness: Navigate the ethical challenges of handling sensitive health data in the digital era.
  • Enhanced Health Education: Utilize digital platforms for effective health education and promotion within communities.
  • Career Advancement: Stand out in your field with specialized knowledge of digital health tailored for CHWs.

This course is ideal for people who would like to equip themselves with digital health skills to better serve your community. Enhance their ability to leverage technology for community health promotion. Learn how digital health tools can improve disease surveillance and health education and incorporate digital health concepts into their community health programs effectively. This course is specifically for:

  • Community Health Workers: Seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in digital health.
  • Anyone: Passionate about leveraging technology for improving community health outcomes

  1. Introduction to Digital Health
  2. Digital Transformation in Healthcare
  3. Innovations in Digital Health - Consumerism and Personalized Care
  4. Ethical Consideration in Digital Health

  • Course fees: USD 400 (exclusive of taxes and bank charges)
  • Early bird and group registration discounts available.

For Desktop or Laptop:

  • Minimum bandwidth of 1mbps (4mbps recommended)
  • Processor: i3 or higher recommended.
  • RAM: 2GB (min), 4GB or more is recommended.
  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 4.x and higher, Google Chrome 100.0.4
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS 8, Linux, Solaris
  • Headset/earphones
For Mobile:
  • Android 4.4 or higher recommended
  • iOS 12 or higher
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Headset/earphones

Available Payment Options

Credit Card

Debit Card

Bank Transfer