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Haji Mrisho Lukamba


Haji Mrisho has had six years of work experience in refugee emergency intervention in Burundi, with Rwandan refugees in Tanzania Camps and DR Congo, also as health Information team supervisor with GOAL IRELAND and Community Service Supervisor with AEF, community outreach worker, Health Logistics with NPA, Logistician with MSF Kasulu and Mtwara, Capital Logistician with MSF Dar Es Salaam and Country Logistician with Ingenieria Sin Fronteras. In South Sudan, he was attached to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) as Hospital Logistician. In Najaf-Iraq he was with the Medecins Sans Frontieres OCBA. As RRMP Senior Logistician with Merlin/Save the Children International DR Congo Goma With MSF/Epicentre for its Research Centre in Mbarara Uganda as Mission Logistics Manager. Worked Emergency Medical Logistics Coordinator Mbandaka and Beni DR Congo.

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Samson C Emelike


This is a Self-motivated and progress-driven Senior Technical Officer with an extensive background in Procurement and Supply Chain Management industry, with a long-standing record of initiative and innovation. Samson Emelike has developed and executed strategies that he believes will bring value to any organization. Throughout the course of my career, he has been able to hone his collaborative, leadership, and supply chain expertise in coordinating PSM activities at national, state, and LGA levels with proven track records. He is an astute problem solver capable of prioritizing and managing complex projects with proficiency. His work experience involved projects funded by USAID, the Global Fund, DFID, and locally funded programs.

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Morton Khunga


He has held the position of Procurement Supply Chain Management Specialist, National TB/Leprosy Program, Ministry of Health—Zambia. Morton Khunga holds a Masters of Supply Chain Management from the University of Bolton as well as a Bachelor of Pharmacy and an MPH from the University of Zambia. He has had 10 years of experience in TB and HIV program planning, management, implementation, and review. He has worked with WHO/AFRO as a PSM consultant, focusing on commodities for the hepatitis, HIV, CHBC, STI, and TB programs.

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Anas Abdul Wally


He is country ambassador of Empower School of Health in Sudan.

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Oscar Vetsi


He is in Public Health by Profession. He has also worked as a Malaria Coordinator. He also worked Disease surveillance in Ghana Health Service.

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Veronica Letitia Deen

Sierra Leone

A pharmacist with about 19 years of experience. she has worked in medicines regulation, pharmaceutical quality control laboratory, maternity and paediatric hospitals, and community pharmacies and is currently with the National HIV/AIDS Control program. She is a fellow of the West African Post Graduate College of Pharmacists specializing in Public Health Pharmacy. She is familiar with Global Fund proposal writing processes and grant implementation. She is passionate about health supply chains.

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Preston Hwena


A self-motivated, client - oriented Supply Chain Management Specialist with strong sense of personal/professional ethics, integrity, a big appetite for quality improvement and accountability to improve stewardship of organisational resources.Preston Hwena is a highly experienced, result driven, innovative and highly conscientious individual with 17 years of comprehensive experience in driving thought leadership in procurement and supply chain best practices. Extensive experience in procurement and contract management, tender management, development assistance, general logistics and procurement training together with a solid understanding of financial management and reporting systems.

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Pyae Soan


He holds the position of Supply Chain Consultant,(Independent Contractor) with Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc.

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Jacob Nyarwati


Among the positions that he has held are:
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Kenya Slum Youths Development Organization (KESYDO) (January.2022 to Present)
Regional Head of Programmes – Action Africa Help International (Jan to Dec 2021)
Empower Ambassador (Kenya) – Empower School of Health (India);
Area Manager – Action Africa Help International (Jan 2018 to 2020);
Operations Manager – Action Africa Help International (Feb to Dec 2017);
Procurement and Supply chain specialist with (HDI) (Dec 2015 to Jan 2017);
Logistics Manager in Kenya Red Cross Society (March 2013 to Nov 2015);
Laboratory Logistics Coordinator (SCMS/MSH) March 2009 to Dec 2010);
Ambassador of Peace Kenya (2008) at the Universal Peace Federation;
Logistics Officer at the Dadaab Refugee Camp (IMC) (Oct 2011 to Feb 2013)

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Ivan Segawa


A graduated from Makerere University College of Health Sciences in 2015., he is a self-driven pharmacy professional committed to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases since 2012. He as a wide range of research experience in HIV, tuberculosis, and global health supply chain management. He is passionate about global health and logistics management, especially targeting infectious diseases.

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Josephine Katabaazi


She is currently working as a Director with Epiphania Pharmacy with over 10 years of cumulative experience in supply chain management.

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Soares Kanyenda


Through his work experience in the varied settings, He has developed skills in procurement and inventory management; people management; analysis, and design of efficient and cost-effective warehousing and distribution solutions; business process outsourcing; supply chain planning; international logistics; consulting and advisory services; engineering supply chain; research and leadership. He is a quick learner and can adapt to any environment, who is open to diverse cultural settings. He is also an avid listener who always aims aim to deliver results. With his flair for numbers and ability to develop and implement new ideas. He is a focused, well-organized and action-oriented problem solver who thrives on innovative challenges. He is excellent interpersonal skills in a variety of working environments, including private sector, public service, and nongovernmental organizations.

Evans Mwemezi


He is Public Health Supply Chain Specialist with more than thirteen years of experience in the field. Apart from being a health professional; he is also a linguist capable of speaking four international languages fluently. These are Kiswahili, English, French, and German. He was trained as a Pharmacist at the University of Dar es Salaam and a scholar in International Cooperation and Development. He has accomplished a number of assignments in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Medicines Registration, Program Reviews, and Program Manuals Development.

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Florence Chingwena


She is the Head of Pharmaceutical Services in the Harare City Health Department. She has been a Public Health official, Health Procurement Specialist, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Specialist, Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response Pharmacist, with over 20 years of experience in a senior management position in both the public and private health sectors. For over 10 years, she worked with the donor community on several health programs and pharmaceutical supply chain management activities for over 10 years.

She holds an Executive Masters in Business Management from Midlands State University in Zimbabwe, a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Procurement and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management from Empower School of Health, and a Bachelor of Pharmacy Honors Degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

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Wango Gwe Francis


PSCM professional with over eight years experience, in resource-constrained settings. Proficient communication, negotiation, and multi-disciplinary interactive skills developed through years of international correspondence and interaction with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, transit companies, and customs. Facilitator, mentor, lecturer, and examiner with experience in curriculum design for lower/middle cadre pharmacy personnel in production, health center, and hospital settings. Experience in designing short-term communication and pharmacy courses for nursing/pharmacy students. Focused and results-oriented. Value for family and empathy for the underprivileged. Willing to learn at every turn and open to sharing knowledge unreservedly.

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Abdirisak Artan


A motivated public health professional with over six years of experience in the field, he currently works in the health information system and disease surveillance at the Ministry of Health, Puntland, Somalia. He received got his Master's degree at Lincoln University of Malaysia in Public Health in Nursing. He alos delivers public lectures, participated in training to develop the capacity of medical and health science students, and has published two academic papers in his field.

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Danjuma Ahmed Haruna


A public health pharmacist with more than 6 years of experience and specialty/expertise in supply chain management of public health and global health commodities (HIV, malaria, TB, MNCH, vaccines and immunizations, nutrition, IPC, and emergency responses). He has worked to ensure commodity security and universal health coverage in all kinds of humanitarian situations. He has a strong familiarity with the national supply chain management systems of the MoH (NHMIS), LMIS, and MCLS. He also has years of experience in Project Management, Economic Evaluation, Health Systems Strengthening and Financial Analysis in public health. He is also an advocate of Drug Revolving Fund with Health Insurance to ensure sustainable, affordable, and accessible healthcare for all.